Over the past few years, the handmade movement has flourished.  From YouTube to Pinterest to Facebook, we see DIY craft projects popping up every day in our newsfeeds. Frequently, I’m asked for tips, tricks, and advice by both novice and seasoned crafters alike. I’m always eager to talk girl shop and enjoy encouraging my fellow DIYer’s.

And this is where I’m real honest, maybe too honest…  A few months ago someone “borrowed” wreath photos from my Etsy shop.  The photos were used and misrepresented as a tutorial. I was angry. While I’m looking at the (cough, cough) tutorial I felt sorry for my fellow DIYer’s.  There was no way that particular tutorial would lead to the wreath I created. Anger quickly gave way to frustration when I emailed the borrower. She either didn’t get why it was a disservice to readers and to myself, or she didn’t care.  I thought how awesome it would have been if I had been asked to create a tutorial. I promise… it would have been awesome!

The experience lit a fire.  I started keeping a journal of ideas and tips.  I organized things in my head, then in my journal, and finally on my temporary, unpublished blog.   I wanted to share holidays tips, tutorials, and inspiration. I wanted to give you guys home ideas and yummy recipes.  I couldn’t forget weddings either!  And how many times have I googled or pinterested a school project and dress up ideas for the boy?  I definitely couldn’t neglect the kiddos because they are the next gen of craft lovers.

Then… BAM!  Said photo thief strikes again, and I’m in serious copyright hell. First time could be seen as an accident, but three times is intentional.  This time I didn’t give up. I tracked down all my images and it took F O R E V E R. But while I’m playing social media detective, I realized I had to follow through with my “bloggy” dream and bring you guys the best material possible… material actually created by me.  Tutorials written and filmed by me so you guys end up with the wreath displayed on the cover photo.

It’s funny how a negative can turn into a positive with the right motivation, and anger/frustration can be an excellent motivator.  From the flames, your one stop craft blog was born!  Since the blog is new the content is pretty sparse, but we will get there.  The entries and tutorials will be authenticly me, tried and tested by me!  

I’m so excited to take you on this journey with me!

Welcome to A Dash of DyJo!