Meet Lori

Hi guys!  I’m Lori, your not so typical southern belle.  I can fake the whole southern belle thing for an hour, two tops, but it’s real hard.  I tend to loose my filter someone where around the one hour mark and all my quirky (and not so quirky) faults come barreling out.

200I am a craft-a-holic and a craft supply hoarder but luckily I make things for a living!  I am owner and sole designer at DyJo Designs.  (I really love my J.O.B.) I’m also a mama, wife, friend, sister, and daughter… chef (we all gotta eat), maid (someone’s gotta clean), bookworm (seriously I love reading and I’m obsessed with the Fire and Ice series), binge TV watcher (Netflix and Amazon Prime are two of my closest friends), accountant (I know my way around QuickBooks), hostage negotiator (luckily this is rare but sometimes we all act like children around here and someone has to intervene), teacher (common core is my enemy and it’s hell bent on ruining homework time), fisherwoman (serious fishing addiction and I’m lucky our driveway is a pond dam), actress (I play a mean Darth Vader), architect (LEGO that is), and horror movie junkie (again thank you Netflix).  I wear a lot of hats like everyone else doing this crazy thing called life.

175I’m married to this pretty amazing guy, aka ‘hubby’.  He’s only amazing when he’s not snoring which means he’s only amazing when he’s awake.  When he’s snoring I want to hurt him.  He’s seriously lucky I have restraint and self control.  But during the day light hours I’m constantly reminded why I fell in love with him.  He’s my biggest and best cheerleader. He’s also a really good dad.  When you find those qualities in someone, you gotta hold on to them.

Like most married couples we wanted children.  And we tried for years.  We jumped through all the hoops, some of them multiple times.  But my girly bits wouldn’t cooperate.  At the time it was hell.  Looking back, I can honestly say I would live through it a million times over.  If they had worked like they were supposed to I wouldn’t have my son. Thank you uncooperative girly bits!

Which brings me to ‘little bud’, our son.  I can’t imagine131 a more perfect child. He had my heart the moment the nurse placed him in my arms.  Our adoption journey really was one of those fairy tale stories.  We were researching adoption agencies, trying to decide what worked best for us when we got a call.  And within 36 hours we were brand spankin’ new parents!  It was so very surreal.  I kept thinking at any moment I would wake up from my new mommy dream.  I see so much of myself in him and so much of his daddy in him.  I honestly never thought I would have that gift… the gift of being a mother.  I cherish every moment.  You may see little bud from time to time in my tutorials and photos.  He’s an excellent helper and my kid’s craft guru.

So that’s the condensed me… mom, wife, maker and consomate procrastinator.  Hopefully we can get to know each other better and you will meet the uncondensed version of me.  It’s not always pretty because I’m far from perfect.  I am quirky so that should count for something.