Who doesn’t love GOOD food?  I know I do and occasionally (okay more like frequently) I experiment with ingredients to mix up our menu.  Some of them fail, but some of them (like breaded and fried green beans) have become a family favorite.  My husband and I love fresh veggies and grow our own seasonal vegetables.  We also have a small, fledgling orchard with figs, grapes, plums, blueberries, and peaches. We can tomatoes, pizza sauce, figs, peaches, and so much more!  Our two deep freezers are stuffed with frozed veggies and the hubby has even made strawberry and peach wine.  Up next is hard apple cider!  Here you will find all our favorite canning, wine, and dinner recipes.

In the coming months, my goal is to bring you delicious recipes you can try at home!