schoolI was completely unprepared for life as a school mom.  Like 100% unprepared.  I thought I had my shiz together as an adult and parent.  And bam!  Preschool happened.

Suddenly I’m faced with a WEEK of ‘dress up’ days.  Silly hair day… my child hates to have any sort of hair stuff in his hair… seriously hates it!  Nerd day.  DUCT TAPE DAY and no… you can not send them to school with their arms duct taped to their sides.  Pretty sure that would be considered child abuse though I would love to duct tape whoever is planning all these hellish dress up days.  You have 100th day of school day and character day and Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Seriously? They expect a mom who NEVER wears matching socks to dress her kid in duct tape or tacky Christmas attire???

Add the never ending barrage of parties and carnivals and fund raisers and programs to the mix.  Whatever sanity I managed to cling to with all the dress up days fizzled.   And we hadn’t even made it out of PreK yet!

When you finally graduate from a PreK or Kindergarten mom, you find yourself in the realm of school projects.  They get G.R.A.D.E.S. for those projects.  It takes every bit of restraint you can muster not to just do them yourself and pass them off as Billy’s or Bobby’s work.  But you can’t. By the end of the year you are worn out or at least I am.  

Here is where you will find my school mom advice, tips, tricks, and tutorials.  If I can ease just one parent’s struggles I will consider it a win!

(Guys, my blog is new so please bear with me while I add new content over the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years.)